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Quiz - several multiple choice questions listed on one page, the a,b,c, d, choices for all the questions run together



      When there are several 'multiple choice' questions on one page, the a,b,c,d choices need a unique title to distinguish them from each other. No title is announced out to a screen reader user, such as radio button 1a, radio button 5a, etc. Therefore the choices become difficult to distinguish from each other. This relates to MDL-35952.

      Standard Level
      WCAG 2 1.1.1 (A) http://www.w3.org/WAI/WCAG20/quickref/#qr-text-equiv-all


      Example Link

      Test Steps:
      Login as a student (password - access)
      Open the course, Basic Moodle and Mountaineering 101.
      The quiz titled "Quiz with Multiple Choice Questions" in the Have Your Say section of the course has three 'multiple choice' questions on one page.
      Attempt the quiz using the screen reader JAWS 15.
      Press the F key to navigate through the elements of the page.
      The labels for the a, b, c, d choices are not announced with a corresponding question number. For example, "a. Nothing - he uses his bare hands" should read out "1a. Nothing - he uses his bare hands.
      Otherwise if the screen reader user forgets what question they are on, they have to navigate up to the question 1 heading. In this case where there is a video embedded, the screen reader user then has to hit the F key thirteen times to get past the video and back down to the answer selection.

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