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Pass/Fail Lessons Show up as Failed When Passed in Gradebook



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    • 2.5.3
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      If maximum score is given as passing score, lesson indicates "Fail" grade in grade book. Other Pass/Fail activities in lessons, such as T/F questions, also show up as "Failed" in grade book even if answered 100% correctly.

      1. Course Administration > Add a new scale
      2. Name (ie "Pass/Fail), check Standard Scale, type "Fail, Pass" in "Scale" Box, Save Changes
      3. Turn editing on course page > Add activity or assignment > Lesson
      4. Name Lesson, go to Grade>Grade>Select Pass/Fail Scale just created, Save and return to course
      5. Select the Lesson, then Edit tab. Select Essay Question Type> Select Jump End of Lesson>Score 2 > Save page
      6 Login as enrolled student: Administration>Course Administration>Enrolled users>Click enrolled user profile picture
      7. Administration>Profile settings for user>Login as
      8. Select Lesson you've been working with, input any answer text answer>Submit>Log out
      9. Log back in to normal role, return to course
      10. Select Lesson you've been working with>Grade essays>Select submitted essay>give score of 2 (which is max according to grade scale created earlier)>Save Changes
      11. Administration>Course Administration>Grades>Grader report>View>See grade for user in this grade book shows as "Fail" when it should be pass. If magnifying glass is selected, score indicates 100%


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