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Gradebook configuration improvements



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      These are random notes. Work still needs to be done to describe them better and to sort them into a priority list of subtasks.

      1. Hide email in grader report without having it unavailable elsewhere
      2. Preconfigured setting packs
      3. Recover grades default should be set to ‘Yes’
      4. UMN has added additional navigation
        1. Report item order
        2. Import order
        3. Export order
      5. Would like to add a sort order for scales
      6. Adding a toggle for view hide multiplicator and the offset (similar to toggle for keep lowest)
      7. Remove the aggregate including sub-cat (forever)
      8. Scales
        1. Include scales in aggregation - do not make default, disable b/c assignments allow an integer vs. a pulldown menu that can be set at a max by admin
      9. All of the gradebook default settings - at the admin level - should be forcible and hideable.
        • Similar to what is done for the site admin > Grades > Grade category settings - ex: Drop the lowest
      10. Re-organize the user report admin settings
        • Have a 2 column format ‘available and selected’ with add remove arrows, to determine which settings are on or off.
        • Each report needs a cog that takes you straight to those settings instead of having a settings tab with all report settings. (see attachment)
      11. Delineate between reports settings - let the user know who the settings effect. (ie. my preferences, and user settings)
      12. Dropdowns that contain 2 or 3 items should be radio buttons or a checkbox depending on the options. If a yes/no, checkbox
      13. Default values should be called ‘checked’ or ‘unchecked’ instead of Default:Yes or Default:No unless the values are ‘Yes/No’ (see attachment)
      14. Add the calculation setting to administrative settings giving them the ability to make it available or not available.
      15. Settings and My Preferences Tab — Combine.
      16. Consistency among all admin settings


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