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Better notification of requirement for clustering memcache/d


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      MDL-42071 saw cluster settings introduced for Memcache and Memcached.
      Both cache stores have a requirement that if using the cluster setting the servers specified must also exist in the set servers for those stores.
      Another words you must specify the local server twice.

      There is a note/warning about this in the help text for set servers however I feel it should be made more obvious.
      The following could all be done:

      1. Add a notice that is always visible below the textbox for set servers that summarises this requirement.
      2. Within the cache configuration screen check configured instances and display a warning for them if clustering is being used and the servers are not also set in the setservers setting.

      I think 1. should be done for sure. 2. would be nice but represents more work, there are a few warnings that could be shown so perhaps it is time to have a "check" api of some sort. Just spitballing.

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