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Improve user preferences


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      There are several issues regarding user preferences presently including the following:

      • Adding a user preferences page.
      • Adding caching to user preferences.
      • Better management and separation of user preferences.

      For project week I decided to look at the user preferences API and how it could be improved.

      I came up with a solution the extended the current existing API and introduced a means by which to define user preferences in code.
      Defined user preferences would:

      • Manage the defaults and validation of the user preferences to ensure safe interaction throughout the code base.
      • Manage the options available for preferences with options to ensure they were consistent.
      • Provide a means by which to collect user preferences and display them in a way that allows them to be edited.

      My changes include:

      • Extending the API to allow user preferences to be defined. This includes making use of the preference component in namespaces.
      • Extend the database structure to include the component a user preference is associated with, this allows for us to avoid conflicts and make full use of the preference namespace.
      • Implement a user preferences page and form to allow the preferences to be viewed and edited in an organised way.
      • Convert several preferences as a proof of concept.

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