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Extended Workshop Activity: Assessing peer feedback


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      Extended Workshop Activity: Assessing peer feedback

      Dear Moodle community,

      Currently Workshop Activity supports the peer assessment process following the steps:
      (1) Students submit a piece of coursework;
      (2) students receive and mark a given number (N) of pieces of coursework done by other students;
      (3) assessments by peers are used to calculate an average mark for each coursework; and
      (4) tutor gives a summative mark to each student based on the quality of the performed assessments.

      However students do not get to say if they agree with the marks and feedback given by their peers, which is one of their main complains.
      Therefore I would like to propose the following modification of Workshop Activity, which allows the Tutor to add (if s/he selects the option) multiple Submission and Assessment phases when setting peer-assessment coursework to the students, e.g. students can assess the feedback given to them which can be automatically transferred to the original marker.

      The process with the extra phase would be as follows:
      (Steps 1-2) remain the same
      (Step 3) Each summative/formative feedback is sent to the author of the corresponding piece of coursework. Note that this requires sending N pieces of feedback written by different students to one single student. The author of the coursework then reads the feedback received and indicates if s/he agrees with it or not, given an overall summative mark and a justification for each of the assessors.
      (Step 4) Each student gets an average grade for submission and an average grade for assessment based on the piece of coursework they submitted and the quality of the feedback they provided respectively.
      (Step 5) Tutor can revise and modify marks if there is discrepancy.

      All process needs to be kept anonymous.

      We are using this method and it looks very promising, however a single platform such an extended workshop activity will make the process much easier to follow and usable.

      Finally I believe that Workshop activity should also be available for groups, as already proposed earlier by John Paul Posada (https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-35594?jql=text%20~%20%22workshop%22 )

      Looking forward to discuss this with you

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