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Shift controls to category/item settings page and consolidate "Simple" and "Full" grade setup pages



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      This came about during a review of the prototype for the Natural Weighting aggregation method, but it will effect the grade settings page and all aggregation methods generally.

      Currently there a number of controls on the grade setup pages (formerly the "Categories and items pages") for categories and grade items which could be shifted to the settings page for each. This would simplify the grade settings interface and focus attention on commonly used controls (hiding the potentially confusing ones).

      Also, we currently present two pages "Simple view" and "Full view". These can be consolidated into a single "Setup" page, with the difference between the pages being accommodated in the settings page for each item.

      Currently there are columns for:

      • Name (as text)
      • Aggregation (categories)
      • Extra credit (grade items)
      • Exclude empty grades (categories)
      • Aggregate including subcategories (possibly to be removed altogether)
      • Include outcomes in aggregation (categories)
      • Drop the lowest (categories)
      • Multiplicator (grade items)
      • Offset (grade items)
      • Actions...
        • Edit
        • Move (grade items)
        • Hide
        • Lock
      • Select (for moving between categories)

      It was felt that the minimum set required on the setup page was:

      • Move (to the left of grade item name)
      • Name
      • Aggregation (as text, to the right of category name)
      • Weight (with a + next to it to indicate extra credit items)
      • Max grade
      • Contributed value
      • Actions (converted to an action menu for easier control on touch devices)
        • Edit
        • Hide
        • Lock (is this really needed)
      • Select (but only when categories are used)

      The remaining controls should be moved to the category/item settings page. This will also help us control these settings more easily, when there are dependencies involved.

      This work may need to be broken into sub-tasks.

      Mock-ups and/or a prototype of the new interface needs to be created


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