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SCORM new window error - possibly javascript



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      Using the 20140814 build of 2.6.4 we upgraded our site. Prior to upgrade, SCORM activities set to open in new window opened as expected in a new window. Now, the same activities open in the same window. Tested using both Firefox and IE. Firefox javascript debug tool shows attached error that may have to do with it. I am not sure whether the bug exists only for upgraded sites or new sites. The issue affects our upgraded site. Issue did not exist in 2.6.3 when we did our initial testing. It only appeared in 2.6.4.

      Since the window also doesn't have navigation once the SCORM package starts playing, users do not have a way to navigate back to the Moodle course without closing the window and starting the login process again.

      I believe this is directly related to the bug fix for MDL-46236 since this is the file we see with differences between 2.6.3 and 2.6.4. We may have code to share but we need to test it first before posting it. I wanted to post the issue so it's known.

      To replicate:
      1. Set up a SCORM 1.2 activity to open in a new window using a version other than 2.6.4 (may also happen with fresh activities in 2.6.4 but I didn't test this).
      2. Confirm that the SCORM opens in a new window as a student.
      3. Upgrade to 2.6.4 - no new settings were changed in the SCORM area from the new settings page during installation.
      4. Attempt to launch the same SCORM activity in 2.6.4 - it opens in the same window without navigation even though the SCORM activity settings are set to "New Window".


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