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"Row is out of bounds for the current grading table: 8"



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      We had a teacher working on grading some student submissions and he then email me the screenshot that he was seeing while using Moodle 2.7.x.

      This is what he said he was doing in Moodle:
      "Hi, I was working on grading HW#2 tonight and I ran into some problems with Moodle. First, the page where I could input each students grade had an error that would not allow me to do so and then after some trouble shooting I was no longer able to even see the assignments that had been turned in. Due to this the assignments will not all be graded by 8am tomorrow. I will check on it again tomorrow and assuming the error is fixed I will finish grading by the end of the night tomorrow.

      I also attached a screenshot of the first error I ran into."

      The screenshot at the top of the message says, "Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer. Row is out of bounds for the current grading table: 8" This error message appears when the user is viewing the following url: https://our.moodle.site.edu/moodle/mod/assign/view.php?id=382&rownum=&&action=grade. The teacher is using a Windows 8 machine with a Chrome browser.


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