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Navigation block items not read as links or expandable to screen readers





      In the Navigation block, many of the items are not read as links by a screen reader. Also, expandable items such as "My Profile" are not read as expanded/collapsed by a screen reader.

      A demonstration video of this issue using JAWS 15 can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjnDLAMsQ5k

      Steps for testing:
      (These steps will work with either JAWS or NVDA)
      1. Login to Moodle as either a teacher or student
      2. Set screen reader focus to the Navigation block (most easily accomplished using the Navigation heading. Press "H" until you hear "Navigation")
      3. Press the Down Arrow to move through the items in the block.
      4. Note that "Site Pages", "My Profile", and "Current Course" are not read as collapsed/expanded, and are not read as links by the screen reader.

      Issues this causes:

      1. Screen Reader users are not aware that "My Profile" and other options in the Navigation block can be expanded.
      2. Reduced access to Forums and Messaging features.
      3. TAB will not stop on these non-link items.
      4. No screen reader keyboard shortcuts can be used to navigate to these non-link items. (Arrow Keys only)

      There is some difference in the behaviour of these links/items in Firefox compared to IE. When using Firefox, the expandable/collapsable items such as "My Profile" are read as "clickable" by JAWS, they are also expanded by default and cannot be collapsed by the screen reader. There is still no announcement that expandable items such as "My Profile" are expanded, there are still no screen reader keyboard shortcuts that can quickly navigate to these "clickable" items, and TAB does not stop on them either.


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