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mnet mahoodle mahara moodle connection problem caused by wrong applicationid



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      When accidentally setting the wrong application type for mahara peer in the moodle setup the user has no chance to fix it afterwards which makes a correct connection mahara impossible without change in DB.

      The cause:

      • user sets up an mnet connection from moodle to mahara by adding the mahara as a new peer
      • accidentally he selects moodle instead of mahara for the application type

      Symptoms (that are also mentioned in many forum posts):

      • In the peer settings underneath the public key "The public key you are holding for this host is different from the public key it is currently publishing. The currently published key is:" but no key is shown (resetting keys doesn't help)
      • In networkblock the mahara peer has a moodle icon instead of a mahara icon
      • clicking the link in the networkblock to mahara causes an error as the block tries to access /mahara/auth/mnet/land.php which doesn't exist (there are a lot of forum posts about a workaround to copy the xmlrps folder and renaming it to mnet, which temporarily works however causes other problems)

      User has no idea that he set up the wrong application type as it is not shown on the front end interface. Furthermore there is no possibility (at least I didn't discover any) to change the setting.


      • access database
      • table mnet_application check the id of mahara
      • on table mnet_host, check the set applicationid for your mahara peer, it should be the same as the one in mnet_application, if not change it

      Proposed solution:

      • Networking > Manage Peers: add an additional row to the overview of peers that shows the set application (add a link to change this setting)
      • Networking > Peers > MyPeer(mahara): add an info which application type was set and add a linkt to change it




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