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Control “make this topic current” with “Restrict access”



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      I would like to see that “Restrict access” not only controls when a particular topic is visible and accessible, but also mark it as “current topic.”

      a) By what logic would I ensure that there is only ever one current topic?

      My suggestion: In case of conflict, make the topic with the lowest number current.

      So if topic 1 is the current topic, and topic 2 and 3 are set to open at the same date and time, applying the rule of the lowest number would make topic 2 the current topic.

      b) What happens when a user sets a current topic manually?

      Make this topic current - now. Whether a user clicks on the light bulb or some code in "Restrict access" triggers the light bulb, both actions will only set the beginning of the current topic, but in my understanding they don't determine the method how the current topic is set. So a user could override this action any time later or just wait for the next "Restrict access" setting.

      Implementing "Make this topic current now" in "Restrict access" would eliminate one manual task for the teacher who uses the topics or collapsed topics format as well as improve the user experience as they would see consistently which topic is not only open and accessible, but also current.


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