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Add function plagiarism_verify_eula() to prevent events queue congestion




      The new version of the plagiarism_turnitin plugin from Turnitin (the one that replaces the Dan Marsden plugin) holds submissions in the events_queue table until the student has accepted the TII EULA (and the link to accept it is very easy to miss). In our case this resulted in a queue of over 5000 assignment submissions that had yet to be submitted to TII, because it only takes a single failed submission at the head of the queue, and any subsequent events with the same handler ID will not be processed.

      We have fixed this by adding a method to check that the student has agreed to the EULA before accepting the submission to Moodle. The improvement allows to trigger pre-submission validation on plagiarism plugin side (if required) and stop form processing before external requirements have been met. This could be useful not only for TII but for any plagiarism plugin.




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              tonybutler Tony Butler
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