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UI Fixes and improvements for Singleview



    • Team A Sprint 1, Team '; drop tables Sprint 2
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      List of UI changes to gradereport_singleview included in this issue:

      1. Change the Label + Select inputs to just a Select with "Select a user..." or "Select a grade item..." as the default text (with accesshide labels).
      2. Right align the group chooser, the select a user and select a grade drop downs. (Left align for RTL)
      3. Repeat the select a user and select a grade drop downs at the bottom of the page.
      4. Add "whitespace: nowrap" to range columns
      5. Change header of entry page to 'Grade user or grade item'
      6. Change text on the the "Update" button to "Save"
      7. Increase the margins around all the select fields.
      8. Make sure the blocks show on all pages (change pagelayout)
      9. Show the group selector on the "user" screen but if you change it to a group that the current user does not exist in, return you to the first user in that group

      Thats all.


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          Barbara Ramiro
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          Barbara Ramiro
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          Barbara Ramiro
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          Barbara Ramiro
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          Barbara Ramiro
        9. grade-user-3.jpg
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          Barbara Ramiro
        10. grade-user-4.jpg
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          Barbara Ramiro
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          Zachary Durber
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        15. singleview user top view.png
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          Zachary Durber

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