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POLICY: Minimal supported Moodle version for new plugins



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      Currently in the Plugins directory, plugins for Moodle 1.9 and higher can be uploaded. Why it's not 1.8 and higher? Why not 1.0 and higher? Why not 2.6 and higher? We should have a long-term policy on this.

      The fact that we still support Moodle 1.9 leads to various troubles. It makes it harder to properly validate the ZIP contents (due to significant changes in some areas), it makes it harder to automate some common checks etc.

      This will repeat in the future, too. Changes in APIs will require validators take the supported version into account. The more supported versions we have, the more complex (and harder to maintain) checking code must be implemented.

      Beside these technical reasons, there are also motivational aspects. Developing a new plugin for 1.9 these days is something we should strongly discourage. Submitting an older code for 1.9 now has no real benefits for the community. We should encourage everybody to use as recent versions as possible, for their own good.

      The ability to upgrade old plugins so they work in recent Moodle versions is a good sign that the maintainer is able to keep it up to date in the future, too.

      We already stopped supporting new strings for 1.x language packs. I believe we should do the same step for the Plugins, too. And then, decide about the long-term policy - such as "new plugins must support currently supported stable branches" or so.




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            mudrd8mz David Mudrák (@mudrd8mz)
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