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[Epic]Event monitor follow up issues


    • Event monitor followup

      From poltawski on MDL-45758:

      1. In subscriptions the 'module instance' thing is weird. I really feel like this is fundamentally designed wrong. Surely it should be a context, it seems weirdly hardcoded to module instance. See this screenshot:
        • As seen in screenshot, it doesn't apply to a core event like comment created and you get an empty select box. Which is also crazy, because I would love to know when a comment is created in a specific module. But I can't.
        • Would be better described as something else. 'Limited to activity/resource'?
        • 'Select' as the title in 'Rules you can subscribe to' sucks a bit
      2. The 'Select the plugin type' selector needs better UX
        • Its silly that 'Book IMS CP export' sites on the same level as 'Core'
        • A teacher has no idea what 'Core' means
        • Core should almost certainly be split up into components
        • Big long dropdowns suck really.
      3. There is no way for an administrator to see all the event monitoring rules going on. There is no way other than going into each individual course.
      4. The ad-hoc tasks should output more information about what its doing. If a site gets crippled by someone setting up the monitoring, there needs to be a way to work out whats causing it. i.e. which monitoring events are running etc.
      5. The navigation structure is confusing. Even just a plain link under the rules table table to get to your notification settings would be useful and vice versa. Needs something because each are useless without the other and its not clear.
      6. As a teacher I get the edit links to manage site rules and then get presented with a permissions error.
      7. There are no indciations about what rules are site rules and what are course rules.
      8. When deleting a rule we end up at actionable url, this bad practice (try refreshing the page). Should be a POST, but definitely shouldn't be able to refresh and end up with a database error. Haven't checked the extent of this problem, but also saw it on the subscription page. e.g.:
      9. I didn't underestand what 'Frequency of events' was, the help string didn't help me. But then I read the setting below - that could be made better I think (putting both on one line, for example - maybe someone has a better idea. We could perhaps generalise both those into something more understandable. I feel we could make it more straight forward than it is.
      10. The help strings need review. e.g 'Select a plugin that you are interested in monitoring. The event list below would be updated to display events from the selected plugin.'

      From dobedobedoh on MDL-47767:

      Rules page
      1. Manage section - should this perhaps be an action menu instead of icons?
      2. Uneven spacing for the "X" link.
      3. No redirect after duplicating or deleting
      Add new rule form
      1. Frequency selector should allow other time periods e.g. hours

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