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Extra upgrade notes for themers re: 2.8


    • FRONTEND Sprint 16
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      The horizontal scrollbars in the grader report are no longer available after updating to Moodle 2.8 stable.
      I have tested this in different themes (Clean, More and others) and browsers (Firefox/ I.E.)

      As a consequence I can no longer see the grader report columns that stretch out to the right of the table.

        1. Grader - Archaius.PNG
          Grader - Archaius.PNG
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        2. Grader-formal white.PNG
          Grader-formal white.PNG
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        3. Grader Report.PNG
          Grader Report.PNG
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        4. modified formal white.PNG
          modified formal white.PNG
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        5. modified formal white - overflow auto.PNG
          modified formal white - overflow auto.PNG
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