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Make everything relative to the course start date and time like for activity availability due date cut-off date dynamically linked to the Section and Course Start Date and time


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      Make everything relative to the course start date and time. Weekly format with dynamically linked activities so that you can rearrange sections of courses for different schedules and not have to reset dates for activities every time a template course rolls out for the next semester. Also add a Check to ignore a section so if you don't meet one week due to a holiday it will automatically adjust the activities due in this much time to the next time the class meets

      In our case we run 3 semesters a year and classes meet once a week. Some classes might have a week off do to a holiday and others don't so I would add a extra section say in week 9 to show the break and the dates still align. I then have to go in and reset all dates and times of all activities, which we all know is a huge time consumer even with report plugins. Most of my projects are all set to be done in a time limit say 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks. So if we loose the specific dates and set it for a certain time limit this would alleviate ever having to go in and change assignments. Just make sure that a due date doesn't fall on a day your class is off for a holiday.

      • Set course start date (done) and add a time the class starts 8:00
      • Weekly format already has sections dynamically update dates if you rearrange them based on course start date. (done)
      • sections have a ignore this section due to course not in session button so due in times don't land on a day you may not meet for class.
      • Activities can use the start date of the section they are in as the allow submissions from
      • Activities can use a Availability setting like Due in and Cut-off in field to say it is due in user specified amount of time like 7 days or 14 days based on the date of the section it is in.
      • Activities Availability times would be able to default to the course start time.

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