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Units in quiz answers not checked if numerical answer matches sample answer exactly



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      The requirement to have units as part of an answer is a key part of engineering science. At present this option in moodle seems to address convertion from alternative unit systems into the one used by the teacher. If no units are entered then the answer is used as given and compared with the teachers calculation.

      What should happen is that an answer without a units component should be classified as incorrect. In a perfect world feedback should be separated between numerical inaccuracy and incorrect use of units.

      In the example below (Moodle XML format), where the answer is a vector (12.5 i m/s, you need a diagram which is not included to work it out), the complete answer is required for the solution to be correct. However if the student enters 12.5 then the marks are awarded as if the complete answer had been entered.

      • <!-- question: 11427


      • <question type=numerical>
      • <name>

      <text>Velocity of a Point (RFA1)</text>


      • <questiontext format=moodle_auto_format>

      <text>Using the formula in block 5/2 on page 329, calculate the angular velocity of the point $$P$$ in the diagram below when $$\omega$$ is 25 radians per second. Remember to include both the direction (i for the x direction and j for the y direction) and the units in your answer. e.g. If the answer is 2 m/s in the y direction then your answer should have the form: 2 j m/s</text>





      • <answer>



      • <feedback>

      <text>The answer should be $$\omega \times r$$</text>




      • <units>
      • <unit>


      <unit_name>i m/s</unit_name>


      • <unit>




      • <unit>


      <unit_name>i mm/s</unit_name>


      • <unit>







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