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Some grader views show assignment range even if different from user range


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Make a course, enrol a student.
      2. Create a new assignment. Leave the grade max at its default of 100.
      3. Give the student a grade, for example 70.
      4. Edit settings for the assignment and change the maximum grade to 10.

      Expected results:

      Although the assignment grade was changed, the student's individual grade still uses the old range. All gradebook views should distinguish between the two and use the appropriate values.

      Actual results:

      "View/grade all submissions page" (sorry, don't know its correct name): Incorrect, shows the grade as 70/10.

      Grader report: Incorrect, shows the grade as 10 (no range). I guess it's clamping it to the assignment maximum?

      Outcome/overview report: sorry, don't know how to use these

      Single view for item: Incorrect, shows the range as 0-10 in the student row.

      Single view for user: Incorrect, shows the range as 0-10 in the item row.

      User report: Correct, shows the range as 0-100 in the item row.

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