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Allow adding user accounts via manual auth without specifying e-mail adress



    • Type: New Feature
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    • Affects Version/s: Future Dev
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      Dear developers,

      this topic surfaced in german moodle forums a couple of days ago. The request is to allow users to be created without specifying their e-mail adress. The user would then have to provide an e-mail adress with the first login.

      Background: To create a new user, you currently have to specify Name and e-mail Adress of the user, otherwise you will not be able to create a user account.
      In cases where e-mail contacts are not available or being taken from databases, there is a certain likelyhood that e-mails are already deprecated, especially with younger users who often do not keep their organization up to date with phone numbers, mail and stuff like that.

      There is a workaround with csv-uploading users with fake adresses and then deleting those adresses from the database. This approach is not only complicated and error prone, but might also cause safety issues, should logins be sent to an existing mail adress that is not owned by the intended recipient.

      A better solution would be to allow user account s to be created without and e-mail an the user should then be prompted to provide an e-Mail adress with the first login. The adress could then be confirmed by sending a new password to this adress and requesting a password change.

      In this case it would of course not be possible to send students their username and login via e-mail, but this is a minor problem in those cases where students are physically present and there are different ways to provide them with the necessary information.

      Thanks in advance




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