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Atto draft restore can be unnoticed by user



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    • 2.8.5
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      I believe the the "auto-restore" with ATTO should ask the user if they want to have the content restored. I think it would be good to have a method for the user to delete the auto-saves.

      Scenario -
      Create a PAGE resource, put in a few pages of text.
      Have it auto-save
      Click Save

        • at this point, since you did a save, it clears the database table entry for that page for the user.

      Now edit the PAGE
      delete the bottom half of the text
      have it auto-save
      Click on the course page navigation link and if asked, answer "LEAVE PAGE".

        • at this point, there will be an entry in the database table for that page for that user.

      Now edit the PAGE again
      What you will notice is that auto-save restored into this text box (deleting half the text). In this situation, the person might not even know the text was replaced (there is a popup that says it was restored, but not always visible).

      I believe the auto-save is really great, but it can cause data loss without being aware.

      I think this is minor, but we might see more and more issues over time.

      I think a feature of asking if they want the text recovered would be good; along with a feature to remove existing saves.


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