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Grades - Single view report has no navigation or admin menus when a course is using groups



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    • 2.8.5
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      When a course is set to use groups, either visible or separate, and at least 1 group exists, the navigation and administration menus are not output on the Single view report. Both menus appear as expected within all other reports in the grade administration area. When the course setting is changed to not use groups, both menus appear as expected once again.

      When the course is using groups, no errors are reported in the log and neither of these menus are output.

      We ran into this issue because our theme was blowing an error when trying to access this report within a course using groups, and it turned out to be because there were no blocks for the side-pre area. We've adjusted the theme so the report displays correctly now, but the two menus still do not appear in the side-pre region.

      I expect this is related to MDL-48273.

      I have been able to duplicate this on demo.moodle.net, Moodle 2.8.5 (Build: 20150310).

      The QA site on 2.9 does not display this behaviour. The menus appear as expected.


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