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By default the list of question types should be sorted with common ones at the top



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      At the moment, when you go to create a new question, the list of question types is sorted alphabetically, which puts some rarely used question types first. This is only a default, the site admin can change the order if they like, but I bet that many don't. I think we should set a sensible default sort order for new installs.

      From a survey we did a few years ago, we have a pretty good idea which question types are used most often: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dXUBz_YOLP6a2BSfE34AGKCOKB-KQji3ALWduj7SqmY/pub?hl=en_GB&hl=en_GB&single=true&gid=0&output=html

      I don't think we should strictly follow that order, instead I propose

      • Multiple choice (75%)
      • Truefase (12%)
      • Matching (1%)
      • Shortanswer (6%)
      • Numerical (0.25%)
      • Essay (4%)

      That is, the three most common selected response question types first, then three constructed response types. Although Cloze came up in the survey results, I think the goal here is to be friendly to new users, so we should leave Multi-answer in its alphabetical place. Everything else should then be listed alphabetically at the end.

      If we are going to bikeshed this, I guess Matching and Numerical are the ones to argue about.




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