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Simplifications to Enrolled users page


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      The following changes are suggested for simplifying Enrolled users page.

      • Move the "Proceed to course content" button to top and make the highlighted default button. Currently this button is only shown after a new course is created, but it should be shown all the time. Perhaps the label on the button could become "Return to course content" if changing enrolments under normal circumstances (ie not immediately after course creation).
      • Collapse filter section and allow it to be expanded.
      • The Filter button should not be a highlighted default button. The button to ‘Proceed to course content’ is the logical next step, so should be highlighted.
      • An Actions column should be created to the right of the enrolled users table. The delete and edit buttons should be moved to this column. Tooltips should be added to these buttons.
      • The Roles column is unnecessarily wide. Column widths should be dynamic to allow narrow columns to expand.
      • The date of enrolment is wrong when manual enrolments are used. It shows midnight of at the beginning of the date of enrolment instead of the correct enrolment time.

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