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user_get_user_details returns username only to current user or site admin


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      Make the webservice user a site admin

      Make the webservice user a site admin
      • Call get_enrolled_users webservice with a user that is not siteadmin, asking for username, and see that username is not returned.
      • Apply the patch, call the webservice again and see the username field is returned

      A restriction was added to user_get_user_details
      during the development of MDL-27976 ,
      that makes it return the username only if the user requesting
      is a siteadmin or if the user requesting is the same as the user requested.
      As this function is used by the webservices such as
      get_enrolled_users_with_capability and get_enrolled_users,
      it is at leat annoying.

      The workaround is to made the webservice user a site admin.

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