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Quiz doesn't print cleanly in 2.9+


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      I just upgraded to 2.9+ today in order to use the print quiz option. As instructed in https://docs.moodle.org/29/en/Quiz_FAQ#Is_there_a_nice_way_to_print_a_copy_of_a_quiz.3F , I use the browser printer option. But it did not generate a report as per the screenshot in the FAQ. I tried with FireFox, IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera ... all behaved exactly the same. See http://learning.aols.org/aols/quiz_print.pdf for the 2.9+ version and http://learning.aols.org/aols/quiz_print_regular.pdf for prior to 2.9 version. Note that there is no "Response History" displayed in the "prior to 2.9" version of browser print because I used CSS to not display that element.

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