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Seeing incredible behavior in Natural Weighting when dealing with a restored course



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    • 2.8.6
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      1. Make sure your site allows for Natural weighting only but doesn't force (if Natural is the only agg allowed and default but not forced a restored course will come in with its own agg methods)
      2. Backup a course with WM and/or SWM grades (in our case 2.65 and all cats were WM)
      3. Create a course (in our case (2.86)
      4. Restore the backup, merging with the created course
      5. View cats and items, should look like 2.65 setup (see attached)
      6. set course item to Natural, all category weights become zeroes and are marked as extra credit, item weights remain unchanged
      7. uncheck on of the categories extra credit, all cat weights go to 100
      8. uncheck another cat extra credit, all cat weights go to 50
      9. adjust a cat weight to 20, all cat weights go to 80 and the message appears at the top to indicate the weights have been adjusted to 100
        Additional funkiness:
      10. Same steps as above but uncheck extra credit for the last category, weights go wacky (see attached)
      11. Doesn't matter if you force Natural or not
      12. Restore a course from pre-2.8 with all grades SWM and no categories
      13. On setup screen the weight column never shows
      14. Change aggregation to Natural, no change
      15. Expected behavior – all aggregation methods should show weights, especially since Moodle previously didn't maintain accurate point counts


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