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Grade condition is not computing the grades properly



      While reviewing MDL-50894 I noticed that the method used to compute the percentage of the grades was not right in the availability condition grade.

      In get_cached_grade_score a few things are wrong:

      1. Assumption that min and max have different values, this is not the case in single item scales.
      2. Using grade_grade.rawgrademin/max, that is not reliable see MDL-46618
      3. Duplicates the code that generates the percentage (grade_format_gradevalue_percentage), which can be a problem as not everyone would assume that in the following example the percentage is 50%, and we might change that later:
        • grademin = 50
        • grademax = 100
        • finalgrade = 75

      The third point is the least important but it's good to consider it.

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            fred Frédéric Massart
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