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Echo360 ALP LTI integration to enable direct linking to Echo360 content items and integration with gradebook in Moodle



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      The Moodle LTI 'External tool' activity currently enables Echo360 Active Learning Platform users to connect an entire batch of items stored in Echo360 (a 'section') to a Moodle course. The Moodle LTI 'External tool' activity does not yet allow Moodle users to link specific Echo360 items within context, for example an individual Echo360 item cannot be linked to a specific Moodle topic. Also there is no simple way to associate the linked Echo360 item with the gradebook.

      For direct linking to Echo360 items and integration with the gradebook to occur Echo360 have advised that they need Moodle to accommodate two LTI integration standards. Can this please happen?

      Technical details from Chris Barnes of Echo360 (cbarnes(at)echo360.com) are provided below:

      "As mentioned here is the information I was telling you about around the LTI integrations that we use to integrate in to the LMS. As a company, we’re hoping to extend our ALP LTI options through a couple of mechanisms:

      Content-Item Message Version 1.0 - Public Draft Specification (revised 3 February 2015)
      The content-item message is used to provide a mechanism for users to interact with a Tool Provider (TP) in the process of selecting one or more content items for insertion into the tool consumer. A typical use case would be to allow a user within a Tool Consumer (TC) to click a button on the toolbar of a text box editor, which opens a TP within an iframe (or pop-up window), use the interface provided to select one or more items, and have the selected item(s) returned to the TC and inserted into the text box. This may be an instructor adding content to a content page, or could be a student selecting an attachment to submit as part of an assignment. This revision includes a new MIME type for LTI launch link and revised description of text and title parameters.


      LTI Outcomes Management Version 2.0 - Public Draft Specification (15 December 2014)
      The Basic Outcomes service was introduced in LTI v1.1 and provides a simple way to associate a single gradebook column with each resource link, allowing a tool provider to manage results in these columns as decimal values. This Version 2 Outcomes Management support extends the Basic Outcomes service and the Result Service included in LTI 2.0, and extends them to allow Tool Providers more control over the number of gradebook columns per resource link and the maximum points possible for each column. This document defines two new web services: a line-item service and a result service. All requests are secured using OAuth signatures generated with the existing LTI credentials. LTI Outcomes Management is based on IMS Learning Information Services (LIS).


      Please vote on this issue if you would like Moodle to enable direct linking to Echo360 items and Echo360 integration with the gradebook.


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