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Unable to download files with special characters in the name



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    • 2.8.7
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      It is possible to upload a file with a plus or an en dash (–) in the name, however errors are returned when trying to download the files.

      If the filename contains a en dash the following error is displayed:
      Debug info:
      Error code: filenotfound
      Stack trace:
      • line 481 of \lib\setuplib.php: moodle_exception thrown
      • line 1964 of \lib\filelib.php: call to print_error()
      • line 4228 of \lib\filelib.php: call to send_file_not_found()
      • line 37 of \pluginfile.php: call to file_pluginfile()

      If the file contains a + then a 404 – File or directory not found is returned.

      Steps to reproduce problem:
      1a. Create a file named 'Simple Ideas – Writing for Drums.txt' (note that the dash is an en dash not a standard dash)
      2a. Upload the file into My Files
      3a. Try and download the file
      4a. See the filenotfound error

      1b. Create a file named 'Simple Ideas + Writing for Drums.txt'
      2b. Upload the file into My Files
      3b. Try and download the file
      4b. See 404 error.

      We are running Moodle on a Windows 2008 R2 server under IIS.

      In regards to the question what is a en dash, it is a longer dash than normal dash. Microsoft word will often convert a dash to an en dash automatically.

      • dash
        – en dash
        — em dash


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