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Quiz - User Overrides - unable to edit override if quiz is not available to student




      If a quiz is unavailable to students by virtue of some condition set on it, instructors are not able to add a user override that is editable. All overrides show up as grayed out and have no edit options. The warning message says the users do not have the proper role or group to access the quiz, which is misleading.

      Conditions I've tried so far include:

      • quiz unavailable due to being out of availability dates
      • quiz hidden in common module settings
      • quiz resides in a section that is access restricted for any reason
      • quis is access restricted for any reason

      Even in the case of the quiz being out of availability dates, if I try to override the start date so it would be open to a student, the override is still not editable after saving. The only time it becomes editable is if the condition is met or removed so the quiz is fully available to everyone.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a course and enroll at least one student
      2. Add a quiz to the course
      3. Set some condition in the course so the quiz isn't available. For example, set the containing section to be available to students in 2 weeks from today
      4. Open the quiz
      5. Click User Overrides
      6. Add any user override for the enrolled student and Save

      The overrides table shows the override just added with edit, copy, and delete options shown

      The overrides table is grayed out, the only option for the override is to delete it. A warning is shown: Student does not have the correct group or role to attempt the quiz (which isn't correct, they do have the proper role)

      If a change is needed, you have to delete and add a new override to get around not being able to edit the existing ones.


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