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Navigation block mixes click-able links with expandable nodes


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      In the usability study, participants were asked to use the list of participants (to send a message). When they found the word "Participants" in the navigation, they were confused because the Participants link is both a node with children and a link to a page. People were clicking on the right-arrow beside the Participants link, expecting to be taken to the Participants page, but it just expanded the nodes below.

      Two actions should be taken.

      • To avoid confusion, a rule needs to be enforced that prevents nodes with children from being links to pages.
      • Icons for expansion of sub-menus should be reviewed, perhaps using + and - icons instead of triangles, so the purpose of these icons becomes clearer.

      The particular case (with users accessing a list of participants) may be resolved if the participants list is merged with the users list, but the general issue should still be dealt with.

      This was a blocker for 2/6 participants.

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