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Combine Participants menu into Users menu


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      During the usability study, it was noted that users find it difficult to find a list of users and hard to know how to send messages to them. There was confusion between participants. Users hunted around in the Administration screen.

      The Participants menu is one of only a couple of menus remaining in the Navigation block that is not related to content in a course. The Badges menu could also be shifted to Administration (does it ever have more than one item?)

      • The items in below participants can be shifted to the Users menu in the Administration block.
      • The functionality of the Participants page can be combined into the users page. This page might need to be renamed.
      • The link to the current user's profile can be removed as it is now in the User menu.
      • There could be a link added that Automatically jumps to a messaging screen to send a message to all users enrolled in the course.

      This was a blocker for 2/6 participants.

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