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Creation of new "read-only" capability/permission to build "read-only" roles



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      Hello, it would be great to have a "read-only" capability in moodle. The capability that if chosen turns every role to read only. By "read only role" i mean that the role can see anything in the moodle site (according to other permissions), but not to save/edit/change any data. This permission is different from GUEST role, because guest alowed to see mainly the course content. And the read-only role (if it based on the maneger's role for example, or a teacher) would be able to see also al the settings pages, such as course settings or activity/resourse settings, grades, users info etc (but not to change anything in the course).The main purpose of such role is for technical support. For example if there is a tech-support team that i want them to be able to SEE all the user information throughout the site, course settings etc., in order to analize and understand the problems. But i don't want them to change anything (by mistake). Those tech-supporters will then give exact instructions to teachers/course managers what has to be changed to solve the issues. I saw "read-only" permissions in other systems, not in moodle. I'ts a very usefull permission that can be used in many ways. In one system i worked with, the user with "read only" permission was alowed to work with the system and see all the information, but if he tried to change/save data a pop-up message showed up: "you are currently in read-only mode, you are not allowed to save any data..". There may be some flexibility with the message/style, but generally this is the idea. Thanks for considering this improvement


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