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Grade Totals incorrect for combination of natural grading and hidden grade item


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      In a course gradebook using Natural Aggregation, if there is a sub-category also using Natural Aggregation with an ungraded item, and there is a hidden grade item outside of this sub-category, the student's User View shows an incorrect course total. The course total will include the ungraded item in the course total.

      For this to be produced user report needs to have "Hide totals if they contain hidden items" set to "Show Totals Excluding Hidden Grades" (In course grade settings)

      Steps to Replicate
      1) Create a course with 2 categories, the first category aggregating using Natural Aggregation, the second using Simple weighted mean of grades . Ensure Exclude Empty Grades is checked for 1st grade category.

      2) Set the overall Course total to use natural aggregation

      3) In course grade settings make sure "Hide totals if they contain hidden items" is set to "Show Totals Excluding Hidden Grades"

      4) In 1st grade category (using Natural Aggregation), create 2 grade items. Grade students on ONLY one of the grade items.

      5) In 2nd grade category, create a hidden grade item.

      6) Note that teacher view of user report shows the expected grade, but when logged in as student shows a different and incorrect grade due to the total for the course being incorrect. The student's total includes the ungraded item from 1st grade category, even though it should be ignored due to the "Exclude empty grade" setting.

      7) Unhiding the hidden grade item in category 2, or switching the User View settings to Show Totals Including Hidden Grades, will return the student's view to the expected grade outcome (by not adding the ungraded item in category one to the grade total).

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