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Feedback Response Rating - Allow students to indicate whether feedback was helpful



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      As a means of encouraging students to reflect on feedback given to them and to offer teachers/markers an indication of the value the student places on the provided feedback, controls that allow students to rate feedback should be added to the Assignment module.

      It may be possible to achieve this as an Assignment Feedback plugin.

      Settings would need to be added to the Assignment settings page. These could be controlled site-wide by administrators along with other Assignment settings.

      • This functionality needs to be turned off by default as only a small subset of teachers will use this. It should be able to be controlled by the teacher/admin when setting up an assignment.
      • The selection of usefulness is based on a scale. The scale can be based on a new default scale with elements 'not useful', 'useful', 'extremely useful', or possibly it could simply be a plus-one/thumbs-up scale, achieved with a single value scale. The teacher/institution should be able to add/modify/select an appropriate scale and use different scales for different assignments.

      Display for student

      • The main part of this is a drop-down list added to the assignment page so that when it is viewed by a student, the student has the potential to choose an option from the scale. The rating will be for the entire feedback on a submission (not individual pieces of the feedback or rubric criteria). Where there are resubmissions, the rating should be associated with individual submissions.
      • There is currently the potential for students to engage in a dialogue with a marker through the comments feature used in the assignment. This could be brought alongside the rating to bring these two together.

      Display for teacher/marker

      • If this feature were enabled, the teacher would see an additional column in the Assignment marking table with the rating provided by each student. The comment on the feedback could also be shown in a column, although this is not so critical.
      • When viewing the student's submission, the rating will be shown with the feedback. Where there are resubmissions, the rating should be associated with individual submissions.
      • A completion condition should be added related to providing a rating on feedback. This could them be used with activity restrictions to prevent a student from proceeding to the next assignment without rating feedback from a past assignment.

      For the course examiner/convener/manager

      • Possibly a report showing feedback from all students in an assignment and perhaps over an entire course. The ratings might be grouped by marker, which could be useful where multiple markers are used. This interface is less critical than the interface for student and teacher/marker.

      Some considerations

      • The rating will be associated with a submission and feedback on the submission, so usually the submitting student and the marker will be known. Where blind marking is used, this should be respected in all interfaces.
      • The prompts used to request a rating and a comment should be well-considered. They do not need to be configurable (except through string changes). Suggestions are:
        • ''Please provide a rating for your assignment feedback''
        • ''Please comment on your assignment feedback''
      • A mechanism to encourage students to provide the feedback should be considered. Perhaps there can be something that prompts them if they leave the page without leaving feedback. As the page is normally something that is viewed, rather than being a form, forcing feedback might not be possible.




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