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There is a strong concern for mis-translated placeholders in AMOS (new and old)



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      I (language pack maintainer for Mexican Spanish) have a recurring nightmare about placeholders in the original English language strings that I had inadvertingly mis-translated; either by ignorance when I began translating in AMOS or by genuine typing errors as a mere human being.

      I asked David Mudrak:
      "Is there a regex instruction that will allow me/anybody to check that all strings for one branch of my/any language pack have indeed all original English language placeholders properly respected in the translation ?"

      He replied:
      "no, there is no such feature available yet in AMOS. I was thinking about it long time ago and it seemed to me that there should be both

      (a) report that would check for the consistency between the placeholders in the English text and the translated text - so that all {$a} and {$a->something} placeholders in English are present in the translation, and nothing is added extra there

      (an) immediate check done when the string is translated and staged (the background turns blue) and eventually a warning is raised.

      Only in a very few cases, the difference between English and the translation is expected. Missing placeholders can lead to serious bugs actually - such as MDL-37235 or MDL-51405.

      German, please report this feature request as a new MDLSITE issue, component lang.moodle.org. Thanks in advance."

      Moodle's excellent support for languages is a very strong point, but I think that all translators would be happier if there were an AMOS feature to identify problems with the mis-translation of Moodle's placeholders, as in the bugs previously mentioned.

      N.B: The tracker did not accepted "lang.moodle.org" as "component". Please move this issue to its rightfull location.




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