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Course overview block incorrectly reports to teachers how many submissions are not graded or need attention



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.9.1
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      Maybe this issue is related to MDL-41922 or MDL-36233, but I am not sure. Sorry if it is a duplicate.

      Create a course.

      • Enroll two students and two tutors (as non-editing teacher).
      • Create two groups: _gr1 _is for tutor1 and student1, _gr2 _for tutor2 and student2
      • Create grouping: _tutors _and add gr1 and gr2

      Modify non-editing teacher role:

      • Access all groups (moodle/site:accessallgroups): not set

      Create an assignment:

      • Availability: uncheck all of them (so don't use from/due/cut-off date)
      • Group mode: SEPARATE groups
      • Grouping: tutors

      After these settings tutor1 should be able to see only student1 submission and tutor2 has access to only student2 submission. And it is true when you login as tutor1 or tutor2 and go to the assignment.

      Login as student1 and complete your submission.
      So only tutor1 should get a notification about this submission, but if you login as tutor1 and go to Dashboard the course overview says nothing about the ungraded submission.

      Go back and change the assignment setting: switch on the due date

      Now if you login as tutor1 and check the Dashboard it seems to be OK, but if you login as tutor2 you can see exactly the same notification. Please remember: only student1 submitted, so tutor2 should NOT see anything on Dashboard about this submission. And when tutor2 clicks on the link provided can't see anything in the grading table and it is very confusing.

      In conclusion:

      1. why do we need due date to get a notification on Dashboard?
      2. the notification ignores the group/grouping settings and shows/counts all the submissions within the course

      I hope I was clear enough.
      Thanks a lot


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