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The displayed result message after uploading an offline grading worksheet is confusing and ambiguous


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      When uploading a grading worksheet with updated grades/feedbacks, the resulting message after a successful processing seems confusing and misleading.

      For example:

      • I update a single student's grade and feedback, the resulting message is

        Updated 2 grades and feedback

      • If I update either a grade or the feedback for a student, it displays

        Updated 1 grades and feedback

      • For 2 students with both grades and feedbacks updated, it displays

        Updated 4 grades and feedback

      Though each updated grade and feedback are counted separately, the result message can still be improved so that we can give a more accurate information/summary to the user of what has been processed.

      I think that we can either

      • Display separate counts for updated grades and feedbacks. For example,

        Updated X grades and Y feedbacks.


      • Display the number of students with updated grades/feedbacks. For example,

        Updated grades/feedbacks for N students.

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