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Improve scale configuration UI/UX



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      I found myself a bit confused when I switched scale, and then switched back and all my config was gone. Here is a list of things that we could improve.

      1. Visually position the "button" on the same line as the select box
        • Or other, but the idea is to remove the visual clutter
      2. Changing the scale should invalidate the scale configuration instantly (adding change listener on scale ID?)
      3. Switching scale and then going back to the original one should restore the initial status
      4. Visually notify the users that the scale need to be configured (little red icon, or a message?)
      5. The button of the dialogue should read "Save", not "Close"

      Perhaps it would be better to just do everything in the dialogue, selecting the scale and having to configure it. Say the form would say "Pick a scale" or "Scale A [edit]", which would open a dialogue showing the list of scales to pick from and the configuration that goes with them. And when the scale cannot be changed (only its config) the dialogue would not offer to change the scale.


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