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Error when exporting large files to portfolio Mahara


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    • 2.8.7
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      To reproduce this problem :

      • add a submission on an assignment a large file (mine was 140MB)
      • click on "Export to portfolio"
      • select "Wait"
      • you should get these errors :

      Failed to start communication with remote server: Payload not encryptedERROR 1:
      1:Payload not encrypted

      Debug info:
      Error code: failedtoping
      Stack trace:

      line 212 of /portfolio/mahara/lib.php: portfolio_export_exception thrown
      line 510 of /lib/portfolio/exporter.php: call to portfolio_plugin_mahara->send_package()
      line 227 of /lib/portfolio/exporter.php: call to portfolio_exporter->process_stage_send()
      line 233 of /lib/portfolio/exporter.php: call to portfolio_exporter->process_stage()
      line 233 of /lib/portfolio/exporter.php: call to portfolio_exporter->process_stage()
      line 265 of /portfolio/add.php: call to portfolio_exporter->process_stage()

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