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A way to get data from Rubric-based assignments



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      Based on a conversation in the Forums https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=323992, it would be great to have a way to export data on rubric-based assignments beyond the final grade. In the Quiz module, we can see all sorts of data for overall grades and for each quiz question. It would be really valuable for teachers to see how the class did each rubric criterion.

      Currently, a teacher would have to open each students assignment grading page and physically take note of the scores on each rubric criterion. Could the rubric results be exported to a csv containing the data of how many students scored the different levels of each criterion, or could some type of "Rubric Results" page be created in the Advanced Grading Methods section of the admin block that could display the rubric breakdown?

      I'm not a programmer so I cannot provide code-oriented a starting point. I do have an image for my suggestions on what it could look like (I'm just not sure how to include it in this HTML editor). I will post this tracker in the forums for more feedback.

      I think this is a vital feature for the education world as everything is about 'data driven instruction' and what better way to get data than to analyze the rubrics at-a-glance : )


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