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wiki_user_can_edit not working right for collaborative wikis with separate groups


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    • 2.9.5, 3.0.3
    • 2.9.4, 3.0.2, 3.1
    • Wiki (2.x)

      The function wiki_user_can_edit right now has this behaviour:

      If a wiki is collaborative with visible groups, a user can edit a subwiki if he belongs to the subwiki's group.
      If a wiki is collaborative with separate groups, a user can edit a subwiki only if his active group is the subwiki's group.

      I think the behaviour should be the same in both cases. Right now if a user belongs to more than one group in separate groups then wiki_user_can_edit might return false when it shouldn't.

            dpalou Dani Palou
            dpalou Dani Palou
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