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Provide a way to retrieve all courses a user can potentially access.


      We have enrol_get_my_courses to list the courses where I am enrolled but I couldn't find a straight forward way to get a list of courses that I can access, which would include my courses, courses with open guest access and courses with self enrol with no restrictions (or with satisfied restrictions) and other stuff I may miss.

      We can not base this is capability checks because until you are enrolled you can not have the capabilities the role assignment gives you so it would require us to deal with enrolment methods.

      This would be nice for global search as we are currently only allowing users to get indexed documents from courses where they are enrolled and the frontpage. If I get into a moodle site open to guests and I want to learn about bash I'd like to search for bash and get all courses that I might be interested on.

      Tags may be a component that will also be benefited, marina would be used to retrieve course tag instances from all courses where a user can have access?

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