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      We use Moodle for High school from September-June. During that time period there are four quarters, and within each quarter categories of assignments (Tests, Quizzes, Homework, Labs, Participation). So, each of these quarters and grading categories show up as folders in the user report.

      By this time of year and beyond, the user report can get VERY LONG. For example, just to print the data for one user it is 3.5 pages long.

      Right now we are in the third quarter. There are many inquiries regarding third quarter progress. It would be useful if I could close the other categories as folders on the user report screen, so that all I see is the total for the first and second marking periods and not all of the assignments. This feature currently exists in the grader report where I can collapse or expand categories.

      I would want this functionality because when parents come in for conferences I don't want to print the details of every single assignment when I run the user report for all participants. All we need printed is the totals from the prior quarters and a snapshot of the current quarter.

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