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Lesson activity - activity completion receive grade does not work with allow retakes enabled


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • Affects Version/s: 2.7.11, 2.7.14
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Activity completion, Lesson
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      This relates specifically to activity completion: Student must receive grade to complete this activity.

      Version 2.7

      Create a lesson
      Default settings for Appearance and Availability

      Flow control:

      • Allow student review: no
      • Provide option to try question again: Yes
      • Maximum number of attempts: 3
      • Action after correct answer: Normal
      • Grade type: Point
      • Maximum point 3 (as there are three questions)
      • Practice lesson: No
      • Custom scoring: Yes
      • Re takes allowed: Yes
      • Handling of retakes: Use maximum

      Common module settings - default

      Activity completion:
      to show activity as complete

      • Student must view
      • Student must receive a grade to complete this activity

      IN grade book under categories and items - simple view
      set grade to pass as 3 (the same as the maximum lesson)

      Set up three questions and assign a point to each

      Take the lesson as the student and get the maximum score

      Grade book will show the grade as 3.00 for your test student

      The activity completion report will show the activity as incomplete despite the student attaining the mark to complete the lesson and having viewed the lesson

      (My own thoughts on this are that as the lesson has retakes allowed its the lesson not finalising the activity so I'm going to test this to see if changing this setting makes a difference)

      Edit: Can confirm that allowing retakes causes the lesson to show as incomplete even though the activity completion criteria has been met. Turning off retakes and then successfully completing the activity as a student enables the activity to become complete.

      Definitely a bug as the lesson should be complete once the completion criteria has been met regardless of retakes. I think this is an issue with the data in gradebook not being submitted as complete since the activity is still 'open' in moodle terms.

      Suggested solution - allow retakes should not affect the activity completion criteria.

      Additionally - the maximum number of attempts is a hard constraint as it takes the learners to the 'Next page' regardless of what that page is in the sequence of events, this has potential to break the logic of learning in the lesson unless it is factored into a lesson design.

      There should be an option to enable or disable the use of 'Maximum number of attempts'

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