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Offline Grading Worksheet - If the Scale field has newlines (\n), the CSV breaks in MS Excel


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      Set Excel's default decimal separator to . instead of ,.

      Set Excel's default decimal separator to . instead of , .

      If you download an Offline Grading Worksheet and the Scale field has newline \n, the CSV file, when imported, breaks, when using Microsoft Excel.

      I have only tested it on MS Excel 2013 and the problem seems to be, that the field is not parsed as a text field, even if you set is as such.

      A possible solution would be to convert the "\n" to " - " as in this similar bug: MDL-37834


      I just tried it on the demo site and it's also a problem there.

      Here is a step by step guide on how to recreate the problem.

      • Goto Site administration => Grades => Scales
      • Press the "Add a new scale" button
      • Create the following scale
      1. Name: 7 step scale (used in Denmark)
      2. Scale: -3, 00, 02, 4, 7, 10, 12
      • Create a new course and add an assignment
      • Under Submission types
      1. Check "Online text"
      • Under Feedback types
      1. Check "Offline grading worksheet"
      • Press the "Save and display" button
      • Enrol a user (just admin as a student)
      • Add submission to the assignment
      • Click the assignment and press View/grade all submissions
      • Choose the "Download grading worksheet" in the dropdown
      • Open the downloaded file

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