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Upgrade grunt and npm dependencies (and add travis checks on node version variants)


      We should bump our dependencies up to grunt 1.0.0 (note this does increase the minimum node version to 0.10 - but our eslint requirement already needs this). I want to make a more radical npm version requirement bump in next release. See policy issue

      $ npm outdated
      Package               Current  Wanted      Latest  Location
      async                   1.5.2   1.5.2  2.0.0-rc.6  Moodle
      grunt                   0.4.5   0.4.5       1.0.1  Moodle
      grunt-contrib-less      1.1.0   1.1.0       1.3.0  Moodle
      grunt-contrib-uglify   0.11.0  0.11.0       1.0.1  Moodle
      grunt-contrib-watch     0.6.1   0.6.1       1.0.0  Moodle

            poltawski Dan Poltawski
            poltawski Dan Poltawski
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            David Monllaó David Monllaó
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