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    • Affects Version/s: 3.2
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    • Component/s: Enrolments, LTI provider
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    • Testing Instructions:
      1. Test with incorrect token in the proxy url. You should see an error.
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      Get moodle provider to the point where you can give a proxy url and add it to a moodle consumer (and LTI test consumer) and launch it


      • Update LTI library
      • Add library to thirdpartylibs.xml
      • Make a language string instead of hardcoded “Successful+registration"
      • Ensure we can host two different activities/courses and give separate access. (make sure there is no way to launch one tool using another tool’s proxy) Nope, the same credentials from a proxy work with a different launch/base url
      • Improve registration page template.
      • Remove all todos
      • Fix "Invalid or missing lti_message_type parameter" This is caused by the initial curl call moodle consumer does to detect whether something is a cartridge
      • Add a check to tool.php to ensure only launch requests can get processed
      • Use a separate token for proxies and cartridges. Shouldn't be able to use a proxy if you have the cartridge.
      • When you view the proxy directly, it shows the error twice.
      • Only display successful registration if it actually was a success
      • Fix coding style errors
      • Run grunt no js changes? why did CIbot complain...

      Split into issues:

      • Figure out a way to verify that the correct launch path is being accessed in the tool_proxy onLaunch. We need a way to match consumers to tools (e.g. a new field in the consumer db)
      • Look into combining tool.php and proxy.php




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              johno John Okely
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